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Tapeless solutions for over-the-air broadcast

SQUID NTK is a new product that fully integrates with TriCaster multi-camera video production systems in a seamless and transparent way. Programmed in collaboration with NewTek’s Developer Network, the platform automates TV stations’ workflows for staffed and unattended operations. It adds new working modes that enhance combined technologies from Squid and NewTek for customers.

SQUID NTK workflow

Combining SQUID with TriCaster brings new power to play-out, media asset management, commercial and production scheduling, broadcast auditing and on-screen graphic tools. It allows TriCaster, a leading and respected production system, to turn into a fully automated broadcasting station.

SQUID NTK es perfect for colleges, production companies, community, religious or thematic channels and cable or air TV stations.

SQUID NTK workflow

  • Files and video ingest
  • Scheduling and Auditing
  • Advance On-Screen Graphics
  • Playout Control

Main features

  • - A low cost/high performance, integral solution.
  • - A/V on IP output integrated with TriCaster.
  • - Running modes:
    • · TriCaster control: TriCaster manages SQUID as a studio play-out.
    • · SQUID control: SQUID controls TriCaster for automatic play-out.
      or unattended broadcasting.
  • - Multiformat SD/HD playout.
  • - Real time Up/Down conversion with A.F.D. dynamic control.
  • - Playlist modification during playback.
  • - DDR play-out mode for studio control.
  • - Automated on-screen graphics: hour, temperature, animated logos,
    variable text and animated text for lower thirds.
  • - Generate and export broadcast reports.
  • - Integration with Twitter and YouTube.

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